Sunday, July 2, 2017

Don't Call Them 'Blue Jeans' Part II: My New 'Denim Overalls'

This is a follow-up to my last post where I talked about evidence and examples of indigo dyed work pants in the 19th century.

I set out to make the most common sort of pair of denim work pants of the 1880s into the 90s as I could figure. A lot of fabric sold as "denim" these days is too light weight or not the right weave at all. I was able to locate a bit of denim that was, indeed, a heavy cotton drill and a good dark indigo dye.

I've found Past Patterns #014 to be a good base for mid to light 19th Century trousers. I cross referenced with the table on page 86 of Jason MacLochlainn's The Victorian Tailor of common trouser knee and cuff dimensions in the late 19th Century. I copied the back belt from a pair of extant jodhpurs in my collection.

Amy helped me out pinning the break in the front in back. Incorporated a number of tricks of late 19th Century trouser making I have learned over the years with well reinforced seems. They have proven excellent work pants. Been wearing them quite a bit day to day.

Yours & c.,

The Victorian Man

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