Saturday, November 2, 2013

Update: Bias Cut Striped Waistcoat

Though I was continuously beset with circumstances that prevented stitching progress since my first post on the subject, I finally finished my 1840s-50s bias cut striped waistcoat based on Past Patterns #018.

As I have found to be usual from this company, the pattern worked perfectly and created an ideal period silhouette. The only modification I made was to attach the chest padding (which I made from wool from a heavy military blanket) rather than making it detachable- but this was just a matter of personal preference. My interfacing was cotton twill which did the job nicely and created clean, crisp lines. I wound up using polished cotton for the back, common in the period- Regency Revisited happened to have the perfect thing on hand:

The buckle is from Kanniks Korner. Ted Cash Manufacturing Co. had the perfect buttons:

And I used a reproduction ca. 1850 print cotton from Windham Fabrics for the lining:

The more thoroughly I delve into the 1840s, the more at home in it I feel. I highly recommend this pattern!

Your, &c.,

The Victorian Man

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